When Nick Temple and his Wild Card Creative Advertising team moved into their current modernist offices in Culver City, the idea was to give his 40 or so employees ample room to roam, and not feel constricted by conventional corporate confines. And with a generous 20,000 square feet, 28-foot-high ceilings and plenty of common areas, the place feels like a cross between an ultra-spacious loft and a fantasy man-cave.

Actress Lin Shaye (The Signal, Insidious 1 & 2, There's Something about Mary...) Trailer Editor Nick Temple (Edge of Tomorrow, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, X-Men: Days of Future Past...) join us on The Matthew Aaron Show this Wednesday (6/18) as we broadcast live from Chicago starting at 5pm PT.

Ridley Scott’s RSA Teams With Ad Agency Wild Card To Form Marketing Arm 3 AM

Ridley Scott's commercial production company RSA Films and movie ad agency Wild Card have launched 3 AM, a specialized consultancy firm geared to develop new forms of content and marketing for global audiences. RSA president Jules Daly and Alison Temple will be the Managing Partners of a concern that will collaborate with filmmakers, studios in brands early in a film’s construction to brainstorm integrated content and marketing extensions.

Daly has 25 years in commercials and theatrical creative production management in building RSA with Scott and his late brother, Tony Scott. RSA has a roster of over 70 directors, including Kathryn Bigelow, Martin Scorsese, Sam Mendes, and Neill Blomkamp, all making commercials. Temple, who’ll oversee the day-to-day, worked at Fox Filmed Entertainment and created its Creative Content Department in Domestic Theatrical Marketing. As exec veep there, she came up with branded marketing tie-ins for films that included Avatar, X-Men, Planet Of The Apes, Alvin And The Chipmunks, Rio and Ice Age.

Wild Card is run out of Culver City by founder and editor Nick Temple and has created campaigns on films ranging from Avatar to Transformers, True Detective, Maleficent and The Great Gatsby.

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